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Tropics Kaong White 32oz
Sweet sugar palm fruit that is ready to eat or include in your next dessert.
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Give thanks for all the blessing you had received and for all the problems that you had surpassed. Most of all, spend your life with joy and celebration. Treat yourself with delicious treats and have this amazing and wonderful product called Tropics Kaong White 32oz. It is a true definition of Filipino delicacy. It is perfect for you because it greatly matches your sweet taste. This impressive and delicious sweet sugar palm fruit is pretty convenient because it is ready to eat or you can pretty much include it in your favorite desserts like Halo-halo, fruit salad, and even fruit cocktail! Packed in a clean and clear glass jar container with an easy open cap to make your preparation hassle free.

Furthermore, you can always enjoy and savor a happy bonding with your family, friends and even loved ones. Most of all taste the sweetness of your relationship with this tasty and platable Tropics Kaong White 32oz!

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