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Tropics Miswa 8oz - TROPICS - Misua

Tropics Miswa 8oz
Tropics Miswa 8oz is handy, convenient, and easy to prepare thin noodles made from flour. Tropics Miswa 8oz is like vermicelli noodles but thinner and easily break unlike the real vermicelli which is chewy. Try it now and taste its noodle goodness along with beef broth, chicken meat, and fresh vegetables.

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Soups are very heart-warming and naturally comfort food for everyone. In every bite, it is truly appealing to the taste and addicting too. Make your own kind of soup with the help of thin noodles like Tropics Miswa 8oz. It offers high quality Chinese vermicelli noodles made of flour, cornstarch, salt, and water. The noodles are so thin that they easily breaks before and while cooking them. Since it is made of flour, it makes the soup silky and it thickens the soup itself. Enjoy and savor its silky and salty taste in every pack. Tropics Miswa 8oz is convenient and easy to use since you just have to pour it over boiling beef broth, stir, season, and you can serve it right away. It works well with meat and vegetables ingredients. Enjoy a pack as you order it at Filstop and start making those yummy soups made of Tropics Miswa 8oz.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Groceries > Noodles > Misua > Tropics Miswa 8oz