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Tropics Sweet Rice 2lbs - TROPICS - Sweet Rice

Tropics Sweet Rice 2lbs
Prepare great meals for the family with Tropics Sweet Rice 2lbs as your helping hand. It is easy to cook and prepare. It is sweet and sticky once cooked, and of high quality so your rice recipes will definitely taste great and delicious. Make every snack time a wonderful time as you prepare rice treats with Tropics Sweet Rice 2lbs.
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Soft in texture, sweet and satisfying in taste. That is what you get with Tropics Sweet Rice 2lbs. Sweet rice grains made with the finest quality and great package to ensure its freshness. This wonderful rice grains is what you need to make delicious rice delicacies that were made to enjoy with family and friends. Kids love its sweet taste and its soft texture and adults love how satisfying it is even with small portions of rice cakes. There rice recipes are great for toddlers who are just starting to eat because it is so soft and has sweet taste. It is also great in the morning as you pair it with hot coffee or hot chocolate.

Tropics Sweet Rice 2lbs is also your great help in making baon or snacks for the family. It is convenient, handy, and most of all with great taste. Kids love it, and adults approve it. Have a pack of Tropics Sweet Rice 2lbs and make snack time fun-filled and easy going.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Groceries > Rice > Sweet Rice > Tropics Sweet Rice 2lbs