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Ufc Banana In Syrup 12oz
This is banana preserved in heavy syrup of sugar. It is ready to eat, but you can always add it to halo-halo, salad, and other desserts you wish to have.

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Hit the kitchen and open the refrigerator. Bring in your tall glasses and spoons. It's time for a banana con yelo party with Ufc Banana In Syrup 12oz! banana con yelo is a well-loved summer delicacy in the Philippines. It is sweetened banana soaked with crushed iced and creamy milk. When you combine all these ingredients, they look so enticing and taste wonderful. Just add sugar if you need to since there is ice added. You might want to add a few drops of vanilla to complete the refreshing taste of banana con yelo. Ufc Banana In Syrup 12oz has all the ingredients in sweet flavor so no need to add sugar. These sweet bananas are already great to have even without other ingredients. Ufc Banana In Syrup 12oz will let you experience such cold delights any time of the year with each bottle. So grab one now, call your friends and start your ice cold refreshing party!

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