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Ufc Kaong White 12oz
UFC Kaong (Sugar Palm Fruit) in extra heavy syrup is made from fresh sugar palm fruit was cooked to attain opaque green/red/white color and tender fruit and was then packed with extra heavy syrup.

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Let your holiday food creations and treats explodes with color! Try Ufc Kaong Green 12oz and you will definitely have delicious and colorful meals and snacks to enjoy during and even beyond the holidays. Ufc Kaong Green 12oz offers the sugar palm fruit in green color. Sugar palm fruit or kaong comes in different colors like white, red and green. It is sweet, soft, chewy in texture, and has an oval shape. The luscious green color is ready to eat and can be served right after it is chilled to get its best sweet taste. Kids love to look for it in their desserts especially the famous Pinoy halo-halo and also fruit salad and buko salad.

UFC Kaong Green 12oz is packed in a jar that is so useful. You can think of a lot of things that you can do with the jar once all the green kaong are used or eaten.

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