Ufc Macapuno Strings 24oz - UFC - Bottled Macapuno

Ufc Macapuno Strings 24oz
UFC sweet macapuno strings have a unique and flavorful ingredient that will enhance your favorite dessert in minutes.

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There are a lot of things you can do with just a jar of Ufc Macapuno Strings 24oz. This sweetened macapuno is very yummy. It can be eaten as is or as spread to bread buns, crackers, and biscuits. You can pair it with leche flan or use it as a topping of the delectable halo-halo cold delights! Bring your little ones with you as you discover different desserts and have more fun as you spend quality time with them while munching on your food creations with Ufc Macapuno Strings 24oz. It is fun to eat but it is more fun preparing food with people you love especially little kids, with the help of basic ingredients just like Ufc Macapuno Strings 24oz. Since Ufc Macapuno Strings 24oz comes in a jar with an easy open lid, after all the contents are enjoyed and used, you can always re-use the jar for other things.

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