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Ufc Sweet Chick Peas 12oz
Some chick peas are plain and without flavor. This chick peas is sweet and is ready to eat.

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Get ready to say after a heavy meal because your favorite dessert is now here! Ufc Sweet Chick Peas 12oz is a special product from the Philippines, made just to give you a sweet tooth that will last and definitely will be remarkable to you. Enjoy your chick peas knowing that it is made from the freshest chick peas, already preserved in sugar syrup and sealed in a bottle. It is a must-have in every Filipino household who likes peas a lot! Do not ever miss the opportunity to taste Ufc Sweet Chick Peas 12oz! Treat yourself with a special dessert even you are just at home. You don't have to go to the fanciest restaurants just to spend a lot of money for an exquisite dessert especially if you can prepare it at home. Share it with your family and let them devour the goodness in the sweet chick peas that taste like no other.

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