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Yuyee Minced Garlic 7.4oz
Experience aromatic and oriental cuisine with Yuyee Minced Garlic. It is powdered fried garlic in a bottle.
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Garlic is a very powerful natural remedy for sickness and heart problems. It is highly nutritious and with effective medicinal properties which helps the body fight illnesses. If you are going to use it on your dishes and for medicinal purposes, then you can have its healing properties in due time. Yuyee Minced Garlic 7.4oz offers minced garlic which you can just sprinkle on oil when you cook food. No need to prepare and mince garlic. Just open the jar and cook. It saves you time and lets you have more time enjoying the food that you cooked together with your family and friends. Yuyee Minced Garlic 7.4oz is also great to bring along whenever you need to have ingredients ready during campings, picnics, and mountain hiking. Once you roast the garlic, the aroma is so tantalizing and appetizing, so always have it in your meals to make your dishes more delectable and mouth-watering.

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